Word had circulated around the media room this morning that Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan’s son had died in Afghanistan.
I don’t have any details, just that it happened. There were a lot of reporters stunned by the news.
It would a nice if you could keep Bob and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

  • John Cronin

    Sorry to hear of the passing of the son of Bob Ryan. Be assured he will be remembered in prayer and my Mass tomorrow morning. We ask that the Lord escort him to His heavenly home.
    God Bless

  • Danny Boy®

    Wow! Shocking news! Godspeed.

  • bocatennis

    it should put sports into perspective. the superbowl is just a game and we should enjoy it for what it is, just a game. God bless his family!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry

    Hey, I dont have any details, but I need to throw it out there first to get credit. Keep in it classy as always, Billy.

  • Thomas

    Well put , Jerry. How about some news on the Pats or the Super Bowl for once? Jeez.

  • Todd

    I haven’t seen this reported anywhre else. ARe you sure this really happened? They didn’t mention it on eei.

  • Max Kliman

    Wow I didn’t know. God bless him and his family.

  • JES
  • Blog » Blog Archive » Our condolences

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  • Scott in Lowell

    Unfortunately, it was a suicide. My thoughts are with Mr. Ryan and his family.

  • Gil C. Schmidt

    As a long-time reader and viewer of Mr. Ryan, this news is a sad shock. My fervent best wishes to him and his family.

  • rj lenihan

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Ryan family. We can only be consoled that he was truly a hero, protecting our country so that we can enjoy the liberties and freedom in the US. How trivial today’s game must seem compared to the loss of thier son. Our heart goes out to the family. All Giant fans.

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    Truly sorry for your loss. As son and father of veterans. Iam a veteran who knows as my son has yet ets , but stateside after two tours,injuried once. Our family prays as parents, friends and citizens . We know his sacrifice and your great loss was and never shall be in vain. Freedom esp as a reporter you know is not free. Your Son is at peace,may you find peace is knowing , your family was chosen to be Honnored to pay the ultra contribution for Our country. I as many thousands humbly salute your family,and thankyou. Nothing but time and even this falls short to quell your grief,heal your pain. There is no medical procedure, drug or mere bandaid to aid in treatments of an inflicted heart. We hope our love and that of our community will, aleast envelope
    you with a warmth to sustain you,in and thru your moments of undecriptive emotions. GOD BLESS THE DENUCCIO’S

  • sandycook

    re:Tiger.His real issue is Vicodan and Ambien, and I would bet a buck probably percodan as well.Perhaps even more intriguing is the Performance Enhancing Canadian Doc.He has been exercising his right to remain silent and thus far has avoided at legal jeopardy. ie drugs specifically painkillers and God fobid ,the Steroids et al.By the DA not believing ( Says he) that there was sufficient probable cause to secure his blood and further test for the presense of whatever. The bimbo eruption is likely the least of his troubles. As to the whiners wondering why he hasn't “Done” Oprah. This of course would be a huge mistake as he has to wait till they all reveal themselves looking for their 15 minutes. Must assume checkbook omerta is furiously in play.I suspect this good fortune will not last.One can bet that that a particular vial of blood is worth about as much as a certain big blue dress. How ironic that Cansecco called out the BB players and golfs lone bad boy Daly called out the golfers. At the time ,the poor slobs utterances ( Daly) were believed by nobody .I suspect Everyone owes Daly an appology. Finchem has probably missed his chance to do the “right”thing ie. Suspending Tiger until successfully completeing Rehab (Drug) not Sex. Sorry Dr. Drew. Bobby Jones is rolling over in his Bunker. Remember this is a game where you never root against a competitor not to mention calling a penalty on oneself for a FRACTIONAL MOVEMENT of the ball. Curious many of the bleeding hearts are bemoaning the fact that the Tigers father is not here to keep him on the straight and narrow however I seem to remember Earl basically dumping the black family to tutor the young phenom. Poor Tiger was teaching Old Paleface on Mike Douglass show at 3. Poor Soul missed his childhood so now Life and Golf were not exciting enough so Tiger had to pursue this incredibly risky behavior for even greater and greater thrills. .Tiger should be indefinitely Suspended for the accident while under the influence. At the scene Elin gave the cops bottles of Vicodan and Ambien further stating Tiger had consumed Alcohol as well.Man with friends like these… Facts: Tiger was admitted to the hospital with suspected drug overdose. He was intubated (Big deal). This gives credence to respiratory crisis concommitant to the drug OD. One of the young ladies referrences Ambien Sex. Even though the Tour and sponsors will lose fortunes Finchem must suspend because people who are involved in addiction recognize that this is a chance to save Tigers life.Of course Tiger Inc will be petrified and will lose huge money however this may be their one chance to save Tigers life. I can almost see a big Intervention with possibly Jack getting involved. This will hopefully keep him alive and sober and he will make even more money down the line. He will come back ala Rush Limbaugh and be bigger than ever. Lets face it most men are silently even more in awe of the bastard.I have to admit it is hard to keep a straight face while lambasting him. Predict; Elin and Tiger will stay together and win the Masters this year by 13 shots. Who knows could be the best marketing program of ALL TIME.Probably the Salehi.s and Hennes are orchestrating the whole program. I can hear the men snickering to themselves Bad Tiger, Bad Tiger….LUCKY TIGER..LUCKY TIGER…..

    If Finchem does not intervene he will pass up the chance to still do the “Right” thing.Tiger of course could continue on the path with the drugs and spiral out of control until eventually ending up like Anna Nicole, Elvis, and or Michael. Obviously the lawyers are petrified but look at the scenario where Finchem had the opportunity to really help and God forbid Tiger dies in the not too distant future. I can envision other tour members suing for lost projected future earnings, TV and Cable not to mention mega sponsors would also be out fortunes where though awkward the time to act is now to save a young mans life. I bet Howard Stern and Michael's children wish they could turn back the clock.
    What a PLAYER.What a dram. This is to far out for the Greeks.

    By Sandy Cook

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