One of New England’s favorite sons isn’t going anywhere. The Patriots informed Troy Brown today that he will be activated to the 53-man roster this week.
Brown, who has been injured for what would be his 15th season with the Patriots, was informed of the move today by Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.
The move could be considered a surprise, with the fact the team is 11-0 and apparently loaded at the wide receiver position with the 2007 additions of Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth and Kelley Washington. With Jabar Gaffney, a hold-over from a year ago, and 2006 second round draft pick Chad Jackson still with the team, there didn’t appear to be much room.
But about a week ago Belichick intimated that there would be a roster spot for Brown.
As for whether Brown will play on Monday night in Baltimore, that would be announced just before game time.

  • Peter from Middleton

    Just heard it on WEEI … Nice scoop for Eagle-Tribune.
    I still don’t know where he will be playing, but I love the guy.

  • Tom

    great news! i think his leadership intangibles, whether or not he even steps onto the field, make his inclusion on the 53 man roster a very wise move.

  • http://WWW.CELTICSBLOG.COM George

    Great news! Our secondary looks like it could use some insurance.

  • Dave

    A proven go to guy who is fresh for the stretch run. 3 way can play! Welker is bruised and needs some help. Let’s get him fresh for the playoffs.

  • Scott Ferren

    I’m thrilled that Troy’s going to get a chance to play for his 4th ring, that’s great news. On the other hand, terrible news about Colvin! Is it his foot? His arm? I had no idea he got hurt that badly on Sunday. Tough loss.
    Btw, I used to work with you, Bill! I was a photo tech from NECC, working under Marc McGeehan or whatever his name was. You and I used to talk sports a couple times a week, it’s always cool to hear you on WEEI. :)

  • Bill Burt

    You should have been hired full-time!
    Thanks for the note. You probably could have been a sportswriter. You knew your stuff. By that I mean you agreed with me all the time … Just joking, of course.
    As for Colvin, I believe they can overcome his loss. Honestly, he was having a decent season. Adalius Thomas allows Pats to handle this problem. Plus it will get him more playing time, which he needs.
    Take care.

  • Scott

    You know how it is over there, Bill. Gotta have a BA to even get an interview. It’s that damn Pulitzer! Speaking of, is Russ Conway still stalking the newsroom? Man that guy was a cranky old bugger. But you were always very nice, I’m glad to see you’re still writing for the Trib. Hey did my former cohort Jason Grosky ever get hired full-time there? I know he was doing police log and newsy stuff when I was last reading it regularly.
    Did you have fun with Mike Adams in Lowell this summer? I listened to a lot of that show, almost called in but I hate waiting on hold for hours :)

  • Bill Burt

    Russ has since retired and is doing well relaxing in the Haverhill area. He is still in touch with many old Bruins and has some involvement in the auto racing business, another love of his.
    He wasn’t cranky. He was always busy.
    As for Grosky, he left the newspaper a few years ago and is now a lawyer in Lynn, I believe. His wife is a major editor at ET.
    As for Mikey Adams, he is the best. In case, you didn’t know, he is exactly the same person on the air that he is off it.
    Take care.

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