In case you haven’t put it on your refridgerator just yet, here is the Sox-Indians playoff scedule, including TV stations and times:
(Please note the game times for the first two games changed. The schedule below now reflects those changes).
Game 1
Fri., Oct. 12 — at Fenway Park 7 p.m. FOX — Beckett (20-7) vs. Sabathia (19-7)

Game 2

Sat. Oct. 13 — at Fenway Park 8 p.m. FOX –Schilling (9-8) vs. Carmona (19-8)

Game 3
Mon. Oct. 15 — at Cleveland 7 p.m. FOX — Matsuzaka (15-12) vs. Westbrook (6-9)

Game 4
Tue. Oct. 16 — at Cleveland 8 p.m. FOX — Wakefield (17-12) vs. Byrd (15-8)

If necessary
Game 5

Thu., Oct. 18 — at Cleveland 8 p.m. FOX — Beckett vs. Sabathia

Game 6
Sat., Oct. 20 — at Fenway Park TBD FOX — Schilling vs. Carmona

Game 7
Sun., Oct. 21 — at Fenway Park TBD FOX — Matsuzaka vs. Wesbrook or Byrd

  • pasta diving lugo

    the torre situation could put the yankees back to the 1980′s. imagine torre gone; pettite opts to retire; then joe joins the tampa raze just to piss off Steinbrenner in his hometown; the raze sign mariano, abreu, posada. arod sees the chance to opt out and blame it all on the loss of his “favorite manager.” arod to the haloes. the yankees go through 2008 in a trance, highlighted by a jeter mattingly shouting match at the end of the season.

    that would be one way to end the rivalry: rsawks beat yankees 13-5 during the regular season. there are empty seats in fenway park during the last season in september. well, maybe the park will be full as management donates tickets to charitable organizations.

  • Nashua

    Thank you Bill Burt for the, ‘put it on your fridge Sox ALCS Schedule’. Oh, by the by, WEEI’s Planet Mikey is looking to hear from you….. Hello…… Says that you’ve blown him off over the past 3 days…. tsk, tsk.

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