Dom DiMaggio, left, then of the Boston Red Sox, and his brother Joe DiMaggio, right, then of the New York Yankees, pose April 25, 1940. (AP Photo/file)

The goalkeeper for Southern New Hampshire University men’s soccer is named Dom DiMaggio.

I love it.

Wow, I wonder if his parents are baseball fans.

Actually, his father’s name is Joe DiMaggio. Yes, really. I’m not joking around here. The family is from Rome, N.Y.

The Red Sox obviously had a player named Dom DiMaggio, the brother of Yankees legend and Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio.

Dom DiMaggio, the baseball player, was a center fielder who played 11 seasons in the majors, all for the Boston Red Sox. He batted .298/.383/.419/.802 during his career.

Dom was a seven-time American League All-Star. He led the AL in triples (11), runs (131) and stolen bases (15) in 1950. He also led the AL in runs in 1951 with 113. He finished ninth for the MVP in 1946 — ahead of his brother Joe who finished 19th that season.

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