Boston Red Sox seem to have more trust in Ryan Lavarnway , above, than Jarrod Saltalamacchia. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

With the Red Sox signing of free agent catcher David Ross, it is rumored that Jarrod Saltalamacchia is on the trade block.

Who would you try to trade if you were GM Ben Cherington

Saltalamacchia or Ryan Lavarnway?

Both are about equal defensively right now, but Lavarnway has more potential to improve being more than two years younger than Lavarnway.

The Red Sox also think Lavarnway will end up becoming a pretty decent big league hitter even though his numbers this past season weren’t good at all. Lavarnway batted 157/.211/.248 /459 in 46 games.

But in 453 minor league games, Lavarnway batted .286 /.376/.506/.882 with 85 homers. He always has been a high on-base percentage hitter with some power. And he is a hard worker who has given up days off during the regular season to work on his defense.

Saltalamacchia has received his chance to start the past two years in Boston. He has shown some promising signs offensively but has struggled more often than not. He batted .226/.290/.449/.739 combined the past two years.

His 25 homers last year is impressive. But just eight of them came during the second half when he batted .200/.286/.371/.658.

He also struck out 139 times in 121 games.

His 25 homers hardly make up for his lack of defensive and inability to get on base.

Lavarnway’s value is greater and he could bring more back in return either in a major leaguer or a couple of prospects.

Lavarnway is a right-handed hitter like Ross while Saltalamacchia is a switch-hitter who bats better from the left side. So if the Red Sox keep Saltalamacchia, they would be equipped for the  lefty-righty matchup/platoon.

What do you think? Who should go?

  • Wmassgolf

    Lavarnway should go

  • Ben07

    Theo loves Salty, maybe try and swing something to Chi town?

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