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  • 1change1

    what kind of change would you all out there like to see or experiance please enlighten me with yore thoughts ty

  • Trish

    I am looking for the weather for May through Dec. 2008 for research, can you assist me on this

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  • TheOldSarge

    Praises for the man who found the English Bulldog that was stolen last year from Sea World Pet Center in Salem. The dog is now happy, the store is happy and I hope the thief gets very unhappy!

  • Katie

    My mom has cataracts and helped me to understand what was happening to her vision. Have you seen this site?

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  • anne marie mckenney

    my sincere thanks to judge pearson of lawrence,ma..she assisted me in giving me the chance to change my life may 8th,2008.i am now sober and have re-connected with my family.thank you.

  • anne marie mckenney

    my sincere thanks to judge pearson of lawrence,ma..she assisted me in giving me the chance to change my life may 8th,2008.i am now sober and have re-connected with my family.thank you.

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  • AnonE333x

    Hey good going in Lawrence Lantigua, proposing to cut jobs of fire, police, public works and teachers… My family and I live on the border of Lawrence in Methuen and my 2 and 1/2 year old likes to go to the park down the street off of Lawrence street, only we have to leave by 4PM due to the riff raff that joins us, leaving needles, used condoms, broken beer bottles, etc. Yeah, lets cut police who patrol that area, the public works crew that cleans the park for us and everyone else! As long as you keep your paycheck… When the cuts take place, I'd like to see you patroling the area and cleaning up. Again, Good job….

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  • Denny

    The Kings Voice
    Denny L Curtis
    Elvis Show @ Methuen V.F.W.
    Saturday June 26th 2010
    15:00 per person
    Doors open @7:00 p.m. Show starts @ 8:00
    Call 978-994-5303 or 603-553-4005

    Location: V.F.W., Methuen, Massachusetts 01844

  • Michael

    Great High School Hoop Contest Monday June 28 8:30 PM Phillips

    Academy & other “Preps” are playing Andover High

    School Boys Varsity in the David Brander Tournament

    Finals. This a rare event where Andover faces Andover

    with varsity level squads. The game will be held in the

    Andover HS Field House 80 Shawsheen Rd. Andover, MA 01810.

    “Preps” College Prospects:

    George Niang Tilton School Class of 2012 (one of the best big men in New England)

    David Beroa Brooks School Class of 2012

    Thomas Palleschi Phillips Academy Class of 2012

    Ryan Hartung Phillips Academy Class of 2012

    Brendan O’Connell Phillips Academy Class of 2013

    Jay Dolan Phillips Academy Class of 2011

    Mark Hanson Phillips Academy Class of 2011

    Andover HS Prospects:

    Sam Dowden Class of 2013

    Joe Bremanti Class of 2011

    Brian Miller Class of 2011

    Craig Luschenat Class of 2012

    Brian Salverson Class of 2012

    Ken Miyachi Class of 2013

    To reach the finals Andover HS defeated the following varsity squads:

    Whittier, Acton Boxboro, Pentucket and Lynn English.

    To reach the finals Preps defeated the following varsity squads:

    Pelham, Nashua, Central Catholic (reigning Mass. Div. 1 Champions), North Andover, and Lawrence.

  • E242580

    New Hampshire Sheriff
    If I am not mistaken, didn’t Mr. Downing leave the police department for disability reasons and if so, how can he run for a job in law enforcement. Shouldn’t he have remained in the Salem P.D. and work inside on a desk? If he gets this job will he return the money he received for disability payments because he is now cured?

  • Norris2

    In your recent Where We Live insert in the Eagle Tribune, you failed to include St. Joseph Regional Catholic School in the school section for the town of Salem N.H. We would like to request that you do not forget to include our school in the future.

  • kiki

    I recently had a friend purchase a puppy from Discount pet supply in Salem, NH. The dog has turned out to be VERY sick. The store has done nothing but be rude. Her vet researched and believes they sell dogs from a puppy mill.

    I've seen some online comments about the store and nobody seems to have positive experiences there.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had bad experiences purchasing puppies there??

  • Narc122

    after listening to councilor silva talk about how great it is to have bonnila represent the minority hispanics in the city, i should remind her that they are no longer minorities, but rather all the non hispanic are now the minority in lawrence..maybe we aren;t seen because we work….hint…hint

  • Kkcresta

    No flag at half staff at North Andover High School in memory of all that were killed on Sept 11. I could not believe it! It was a Saturday but the field and concession stand were busy with high school soccer games. People died protecting us and our great country!

  • Dmc63

    I live am fairly new to the Derry,NH area. There are very few sidewalks on very busy roads. Don't the residents deserve safety. Especially the children walking to bus stops in the early morning. I see many cars that have come close to hitting residents. This is a real need on Kendall Pond Road. Please do not let a tragedy happen before something is done.


    Niki Tsongas has done NOTHING to help me, an Army veteran with my valid, well-documented VA disability case! So why should I support her???

  • beansprout3


  • Psupergenius

    **HELLO!!** To all of those trying to help out the panhandler at Walmart by offering him odd jobs! (but he refused and just wants Cash!!) My name is Bill and I will take on any and all of those odd jobs, if they are still available! I live in Derry and will provide good honest work at decent rates. I am very well rounded in all of the building trades (Light Plumbing, Finish Carpentry repair/refinish furniture, Painting INT&EXT & some light auto Mechanics etc.,etc. I have just about every tool you can name and can show you some of my work in a small portfolio, I have been out of work and unemployment benefits well 99 weekers out there will understand(they ran out). I HAVE TOOLS WILL TRAVEL!!!!! discount rates for Seniors! please call Bill@ 603-247-8997/603-437-8875. Thank You and a Happy New Year to All !!!!!

  • Tony

    I have a problem with cutting the fire chiefs job out of civil service why because that gives the mayor power to fire the chief at anytime even if they do not like his personal opinions so look at the situation in Methuen the police chief all it's about is power

  • Kenrrm

    We were just there this weekend. they had puppies 3 puppies in the front of the store in a temp kennel. Sign “DO NOT PET THE PUPPIES” (really?) they were bitting and peeing on each other, the store personel did not care…then we then looked at the puppies in cages. No names, breed, sex, age…just a number below the cage! we asked what tye was this and was answered “mixed with a chiwawa, they all seem to have a chiwawa mixed in them, I am not really sure, we get them all the time” there was pee all over the floors in there too. they ask you to sanatize your hands before you go in, but I felt like we needed a shower after we left the store. who would pay $800 for an 8 week old puppy with no history, no shots, who may have worms? NOT ME!! Go to NorthEast Animal shelter and adopt one for $300 instead :)

  • Connie A

    After listening, reading and watching the devastating decisions that my elected officials are making I felt compelled to write. I am not writing as 19 year state employee, I am not writing as the wife of brave police officer, I am writing as concerned tax payer that has lost all confidence in my elected officials. I have voted in every single election since I was 18 years old. I have never been more embarrassed and ashamed of the choices I made on election day, then I am right now.

    If you polled how many people that live in NH go to Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont or Connecticut to shop have no qualms about paying a sales tax, I would be shocked if more than 5% complained. Yet, if you polled those same people and asked how many of them think that ALL or MOST of the financial burdens of a tax free, revenue free state should fall on the shoulders of state employees, or public servants, I am convinced that every single person would express outrage and disgust at that proposition.

    It is naive, and irresponsible to think that NH can continue to resolve significant monetary problems by compromising those NH citizens that need the most help and protection, both of which are offered by State of NH employees, teachers, firefighter and police officers. I am appalled and disappointed in what I have witnessed from my elected officials recently. I don’t even know how to explain or rationalize the decisions being made, and votes being cast to my impressionable daughter that is learning about NH Civics in school.

    If I thought for one second that any of the arguments, votes, comments and proposals that I have seen lately in Concord made sense long term, even short term, I would be less inclined to regret my voting decisions last election. But everything I have seen, read and heard are a ridiculous assumption about the benefits and work ethic of state employees and public servants. I pray to god that none of my elected officials need the benefit of my help or the protection of my husband services, because despite the fact that I am a law abiding christian, I would probably do what you have done and turn the other cheek and assume you didn’t need help or protection. In essence what you have said to me and my family is that even though I pay taxes just like you, I owe more than you and my service to the State of New Hampshire citizens is less valuable than yours.

    Sorry I voted for them.
    Michele Naismith, Kingston, NH

  • Anonymous

    @AnonE333x I used to go to methuen highschool and most of the kids there sold drugs and used.. so why did methuen cut jobs for police?

  • Anonymous

    I lost all comments. How do I get to see them again?

  • Earliman

    Today Saturday June 25, the front page had two stories about sex. Both took place at Rockingham Superior Court in Brentwood. One, a teacher at the middle school, was given 2-5 years sentence for having child pornography. The other was in jail awaiting trial for sexually assaulting a 14 year old. This man was released after posting a $20.00 bail and is awaiting trial.  Judge McHugh felt this man posed no threat to the community I guess. Is Judge McHugh appointed or elected?  I hope for the community’s sake McHugh is correct.  If not he should be removed from office. 

  • Anonymous

    Well my son-in-law, daughter & 2 grandchildren were just notified that they no longer  have medical insurance (Tricare).  6 months have passed after entering civilian life … isn’t this great after this guy served our country in Iraq for approx. 30 months (2 tours).  Yet there are those that have lived in this glorious civility all of their lives and NEVER have paid a penny.

  • Dukem1125

    I am in awe, of the Lawrence Police, that they would believe in the words of a convicted prostitute, known alcholic and drug taker/seller to allow her to have her own son arrested for just because of his disabilities and the fact that when he does not give her money for her addictions.
    Yes he has gotten in trouble in the past but has done his ‘time’ so to speak. Never spent any time in jail other than the time when she had him arrested. This action is happening at 174 Jackson St and continues to happen. What happens to the peoples disability rights??? A more important question is after all the police calls made to that apt. Why isn’t anything being done except to arrest a person with disabilities? Who needs medical/physiological help more than jail???
    What can the city of Lawrence do to help him get the right kind of help he need??
    Please help this young man get the REAL help he needs!!!
    And do some investigating into the mother who thinks a call to the police is the answer, stop wasting the tax payers money!!!

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with the people of Lawrence?
    I assume many of the voters have left their countries because they were run by tyrants ,thugs or both. Why opt for the same thing that made you leave to begin with. He flaunts his criminal intent in your faces and he is still in office.
    Is this guy untouchable? This is Mayor Barry all over again. It makes it look like Lawrence is the poster boy for corupt government

  • Anonymous

    8th Grade Lawrence Jr. Maulers making a difference in the development of young men.
    As I scan the news and blogs of today, I see a lot of concern, disappointment and tragedy in people’s lives. I would like to use this opportunity to give some news that will inspire and provide a sense of pride and accomplishment in an effort to brighten our lives.
    The Jr. Maulers are a local youth program based in Lawrence, Ma. They provide a sound system where young boys can learn teamwork, develop skills, experience the highs and lows of life, and have some fun. As is now commonly known, the team was dropped from their football league, Cape Ann Youth Football  in late summer of this year. In the face of uncertainty and the prospect of not having a season, the team responded by keeping their heads up, having faith in their coaches, and were able to schedule games against opponents from other major cities in the state. A lot of effort was put in by the young men and their coaches, and when games were cancelled, they persevered. The team grew in cohesion and became a “family”. Their hard work and dedication allowed them to play Jr. Varsity High School teams such as the Greater Lawrence Vocational Technical High School. The young men fought very hard and were able to open some eyes by defeating a larger and more experienced team. This coming weekend, they have been invited to play a game against the Brooks Academy Jr. Varsity HS Team. The excitement level in all of the teammates, coaches and parents is extremely high and fills us all with a sense of pride.
    As a reward for all their efforts, the coaches (Mikey Caban, Sammy Figueroa, et al) are concentrating a lot of time and effort to bring the team into the New England Indoor Football League. The young men are excited at the prospect of playing indoors during the winter in an exciting new format for most of them. The undertaking has been huge, and funding is being done through raffles, donations, and canning throughout the Lawrence area. Coaches Mikey and Sam are hoping to provide some distinctive new jerseys, trophies and a banquet as their way of thanking the team for maintaining their faith and work ethic through such a trying season.
    I hope this has provided some inspiration and feelings of good will in all who read it. If you are able, and would like to help the team reach their goals, you can contact Michael Caban Athletic Director @ 978-421-4247 or Sammy Figueroa Treasurer @ 978-994-7823

  • Silent Majority

    Raytheon is a good place to work. However, I think Ebenezer is running the place. No more holiday dinner, no tree lights coming into the parking lot, no decorations of any kind. Since when is Christmas offensive? I didn’t get the memo. You know what IS offensive? Not sharing the wealth of record profits. Wake up Mr. Swanson, poor morale WILL affect your bottom line. Lets make Raytheon an EXCELLENT place to work, like it once was.

  • Harry

    The costs of living are going up and up and I’m going to make a suggestion in hopes of getting some relief. The cost of heating oil is way up there , far more than the cost of gasoline. To get the relief needed the red dye and tax for all diesel m/v use should be temporarily stopped. That would lower the cost of transporting consumer food stuffs and lower the home /business heating costs. The middle and wholesale man and the chain stores then would have to pass on the “savings” to its consumers. This present gouging of our pocketbooks has to stop and it has to come first from the suppliers, transportation industries ,and the oil speculators that control the markets.

  • Jim_birmingham

    The costs of living are going up and up and I’m going to make a suggestion in hopes of getting some relief. The cost of heating oil is way up there , far more than the cost of gasoline. To get the relief needed the red dye and tax for all diesel m/v use should be temporarily stopped. That would lower the cost of transporting consumer food stuffs and lower the home /business heating costs. The middle and wholesale man and the chain stores then would have to pass on the “savings” to its consumers. This present gouging of our pocketbooks has to stop and it has to come first from the suppliers, transportation industries ,and the oil speculators that control the markets.

  • Grzz

    shut up you lucky to have a job

  • Rubyotto

    Anyone besides me go to the Salisbury state park on Thursday?? Dont go to the rest room–it was disgusting–there were feces all over the toilet seats and no toilet paper-the floor was filthy–is this our tax dollars at work?? we have been there in the past off season and the rest rooms were clean–if they dont intend to keep them clean then lock the doors before someone gets sick trying to use them–concerned taxpayer

  • Souce1

    Mr. Toohey it’s time time to take down the campaign signs!The election season is over.

  • Boston George

    Why doesn’t the eagle tribune talk more about the real reasons there are so many problems in Lawrence. I’ve lived in the Merrimack valley my entire life including Lawrence and to me it is clear. It’s full of scumbags. Although there are some decent hard working people there consisting of multi racial communities, but the fact of the matter is these Hispanics and Dominicans that have come to the city have ruined it. They are inconsiderate if their fellow Massachusetts’ citizens, they think we owe them something, they litter the city with garbage, they hike up our motorvehicle insurance rates … The list keeps going. Oh and they jump you with their friends any chance they get. Look at the mayor – he is a shining example. Look at the police and fire – a mess and filled with corrruption. And, which city gets huge amounts of tax payer dollars each year for their schools??? You guessed it – Lawrence. We need to make Lawrence a police state and get it back to the way it was when my parents grew up there. Send all the scumbags bag to where they came from and if they didnt come from three send them anyways.

  • pissed off

    ya if they just did the job that the property owning taxpayers paid them to do there would be no problems or many of the problems would dissapear..Illegal parking should be the most significant priority for the police and the firedepartment to go after especially with the winter months upon us..The firedepartment should report vehicles parked imediatly to the police and these cars should be towed at the owners expense imediatley..especially,,, This has been an ongoing failure on the part of Mayor Lantigua to take imediate action by instructing police to tow these vehicles that are blocking our property owninhg taxpayer from thier places of bussiness…these vehicle do not belong parked on one way streets blocking fire lanes and one way travel…

  • pissed off

    because none of the democrats do anything to help you…

  • pissed off

    nice try load mouth camper but it wasn’t my post

  • pissed off

    THe Chief lasted for years and his policies were the most infringmented in the United States…he wasn’t jailed or run out of office and not one elected official had the balls to front and center him…His policies violated all state and federal laws and denied law abiding taxpayers thier constitutional rights..His policies were 100% illegal and circumvented the state and federal laws and also denied the taxpayers from exercising thier constitutional rights…

  • pissed off

    too many on the books needed hundreds up in the north…Why do you need 2000 police in Methuen….there is only 7 or 8 miles of land…JayJay33 I can tell your not a property owner..So you dont pay taxes HUH

  • pissed off

    fire chiefs are supposed to pick up the freaking phone and call the police chiefs and order them to start towing illegally parked vehicles from public one way narrow streets…That is the priority of the Fire Chiefs and the Police chiefs here in both of these cities..THe winter is here…Fire is a real threat to city dwellers …In emergency situations the fire trucks must be able to get down the one way street..even medical emergencies the rescue trucks must be able to pass….TOW these vehicle off to the state impound lots if they are parked on public roads…charge the owners…Its just because they are overpaid and incompetent

  • pissed off

    also the snow plows cant get by on those same roads…The city is always crying poor mouth so there is the fastest way to boost the city revenue…boot these cars and tow them to impound lots..

  • Augusta Precious

    Be your money’s master, not its slave.A dowried wife, friends, beauty, birth, fair fame,These are the gifts of money, heavenly dame:Be but a moneyed man, persuasion tips.Your tongue, and Venus settles on your lips.Money is like muck, not good except it be spread.I don’t like dealing with money transactions in poor countries. I get confused between the feeling that I shouldn’t haggle with poverty and getting ripped off.
    Broke people giving financial advice is like a shop teacher with missing fingers.One must have been, at some time or other, in a situation where a small sum was as necessary almost as life itself, with no more ability to raise it than to raise the dead, before he can fully appreciate the value of money.

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